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SlumberGear Headgear

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SlumberGear™ Headgear

Product Features:
SlumberGear headgear is intended for adult patients prescribed continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and bi-level therapy in hospital, clinic and/or home environments. SLUMBERGEAR with an integrated chin strap is a seamless one-piece accessory intended to secure most "on the face" respiratory devices.

SlumberGear is comprised of Velcro® and/or Breath-O-Prene™ fabric. The fabric is soft and smooth on the underside and is faced with Velcro® loop, allowing for ease of fit. The fabric is soft, breathable, light weight, strong and flexible. It has 4-way stretch and does not contain any latex material

Straps located at the top of the head, back of the head/neck and on the chin comprise the sleeve. This design gently supports the chin while providing maximum stability to the headgear. Velcro® closures on the top of the head and at the back of the head/neck allow the headgear to be adjusted for fit, comfort and stability.

Forced air and oxygen masks are easily secured to the face of the patient by threading the front straps of the headgear located on the front portion of the sleeve through the corresponding slots of the nasal mask. The front straps of the headgear are folded back against themselves and secured to the sleeve/base of the headgear with hook Velcro® located at the end of each strap.

SlumberGear™ Advantages

* Combines the headgear and chin strap into a seamless one-piece design.

* The chin portion anchors the headgear to provide a perfectly balanced 4-point headgear and mask securement system.

* Is designed for ease of fit and maximum stability.

* Is more convenient to use than the separate headgear and chin strap.

* Has a model that will secure most "on the face" respiratory devices.

* Does not shift even during active sleep.

* Eliminates oral air escape.

* Gently supports the chin and lower lip to prevent mouth breathing.

* Can be worn comfortably for an unlimited duration.

* Can easily be used with any style mask clip fastener

*SlumberGear does not contain latex materials.

• Nasal Masks
• Full Face Masks

Does Not Fit:
• Any Nasal Pillow System
• Bravo Nasal Pillow System
• Fisher & Paykel Opus
• Fisher & Paykel Infinity
• Lyra Nasal Pillow System
• Puritan Bennett Breeze
• Puritan Bennett Adam Circuit
• ResMed Swift (any model Swift)
• Respironics ComfortLite
• Aloha Nasal Pillow System

HCPCS Insurance Code: A7035

SlumberGear Headgear
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SlumberGear Headgear